• picking the name for my child

    I’m going, to be honest when I thought of domain names only a few came to mind since I didn’t think much of them for I knew they would be there and not be used. the first names that came to mind were def not the names I was born with but ones I use […]


    so from reading this, I was confused but after reading a post I got it and it sounds enjoyable to do when I looked at the assignment to do I wanted to do them all but I was confused about someone that made me want to learn how to do them more but I’m drawn […]

  • nixck woelf art START SIMPING MY MINIONS

    nixck woelf art START SIMPING MY MINIONS

    Art is everything like memes and bodies are works of art so here’s me. the official nixck woelf logo was done by my friend snafu and art was done by him showed a different version of me.           this art of nixckwoelf on a throne behind a full moon was made by beetlejuila […]


    From my pov yes I believe memes are art and a way that makes people feel ways anger  but laugh or laugh and is angry stuff  or it is cringe-worthy And I see this as a good thing that memes are here and they are here to stay  they are good for communication to send […]