From my pov yes I believe memes are art and a way that makes people feel ways anger  but laugh or laugh and is angry stuff  or it is cringe-worthy

And I see this as a good thing that memes are here and they are here to stay  they are good for communication to send funny things at school or even work to help with stress and also stories but not much

but my favorite memes are these and you can see how these related and are my favorite funny memes.

r/memes - I am confusion

r/memes - Barnacles, I hate the pill

r/memes - Inner battle every morning

r/memes - I'll be all good with it so long as they don't change the ending of Toy Story 4

From an outside online pov of memes, the online def of the meme is “an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of items that is spread widely online, especially through social media” – said Webster’s dictionary:,online%20especially%20through%20social%20media

Or from” Internet memes join these other art forms of disruption and are often compared to pop art and street art. Since social media platforms have become our modern gathering space, it makes sense that they are considered the street art of the Internet. Street art runs the gamut of subject matter as well and is a highly accessible art form created by everyday people. Both art forms attempt to disrupt norms, question society, and start a visual dialogue that can speak truth to power”

“Art memes feel their most effective and incisive when they attempt to speak truth to power, and succeed in attracting an audience; the likes, comments, and other positive affirmations form a positive feedback loop for their creators, incentivizing their further production, and bolstering the communities that congregate” quotes from

If I had to describe the class so far in memes I would use for the raccoon is adorable and look like mister Burns going excellent.








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