the word passion means to have a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept like a passion for chess a passion for opera. and to be passionate is to denote strong and intractable or barely controllable emotion or inclination with respect to a particular person or thing.

whenever  I think about things to be passionate about to me is to love someone or something.

I love a lot of things but the things I love most are anime and cosplay movies especially ones from marvel and dc nations growing up from age 4 to now I would watch marvel and dc nation movies.

my favorite hero is logan aka wolverine aka jimmy the brother of saber tooth and father of his unknown daughter he is my favorite and first  superhero to love and still do

with anime, my fav is dangaropa where my fav character i love to cosplay as, and is one of my comfort characters nagito and Junko when I’m them or someone else it feels right and fun to be anyone but I, and i love me but its fun to be a different and whole new person

from looking at this video you see the animation and affects and time that goes into making great anime or any anime and makes you wonder what happens to make the world of anime become this way to be filled with despair.

whenever I think of passion I remember things that i love that make me happy the happiest I ever am and that will never change.







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